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hypersugarroxy-moving sent: the only thing i ship close to seriously is arafef

Aradia feferi?
Omg i think those are the only two who i don’t have planned to be together with anybody, and I don’t know why because I DO ship that myself

Anonymous sent: Erisol <3 (this is for when you asked us to send you our OTP's btw)

ok I actually have them together right now. I’ll play with them next :D

inbox me some of your otps so i don’t accidentally turn this blog into nothing but rosemary shipping

some random rosemaries for your viewing pleasure

I’m so sorry I never uploaded anything until now.
You see….
The South Park game came out :I

Kanaya, I think you are a few years late for the planking craze……………….

just some random things to fill the void
Edit: oops this was supposed to be queued.

So before my computer derped and I had to restart it without saving, Dave and John went on a little karaoke date!
It was…embarrassing to say the least.
Seriously John? You show up in THAT? 

Am I Going To Have To Smack A Bitch?

Am I Going To Have To Smack A Bitch?